When was the last time you set foot in a phonebooth? I honestly can't remember, but now here's a lit-nerd reason to do so. From Media Bistro:

Thomas Pynchon‘s The Crying of Lot 49 revolves around a conspiracy theory about a secret postal system called “The Trystero.” Alongside the release of Pynchon’s complete eBook backlist, Trystero signs have been planted in 200 spots around the world(like this sign in a Portland, Oregon phone booth).

[REDACTED: Boring picture of phonebooth.]

These signs link to an online message system, a 21st Century version of The Trystero.

There are 20 signs in Portland—here's a Google map with locations.

I've never read The Crying of Lot 49, so this stunt is a little lost on me, but it's nice to see marketing folks earning their keep.