The Skabbs in 1977
  • The Skabbs in 1977

In addition to the story we ran this week on the Skabbs—the punk band from Lawndale, CA, whose recordings have finally seen the light of day courtesy of Jackpot Records—we also have the complete Q&A with Skabbs bassist Mike Enzor over on End Hits.

It's a remarkable, sad story. The band broke up when lead singer/songwriter Steve Salazar died in 1979 at age 26 of a lifelong heart defect. Now the band's recordings, which sound really great, have been issued, and the band has reunited for a string of West Coast dates.

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, then go over to End Hits for the complete Q&A; Enzor provided thoughtful, detailed responses, and the Skabbs' fascinating, sad story is well worth reading. And here's more info on the Skabbs' album, Idle Threat, courtesy of Jackpot.