1. The Nation published a great blog post about how Mitt Romney's recent bus tour through Wisconsin and Iowa has cautiously skipped over towns that are still hurting from Bain Capital-related job losses. Workers at one factory wanted Romney to come and see how the plant had been gutted by Bain shipping jobs to China.

2. Romney wants you to know that Barack Obama's auto bailout was successful, but if Mitt Romney had been president, it would have been super-extra-double-successful, boasting that "I would have done it faster than he did and saved us about $20 billion."

3. Not that you care. Buzzfeed points out that Mitt Romney stories don't draw anywhere near the blog traffic that stories about President Obama do. I've noticed this for a while now—back when the Republican field was chock-full of freaks, Romney stories would get very little by way of comments or reshares or any other sort of attention. As the freaks fell by the wayside, attention in Romney stories grew, but we're nowhere near Palin- or Santorum-—or even Perry-—style levels of interest. (Romney is still dwarfed on Twitter by the president, too.) I expect the numbers to keep growing after the Olympics, once everyone's attention is squarely placed on the election, but I don't know if a baseline Mitt Romney story is ever going to draw the same attention as a baseline John McCain story.

And I also don't know if this is good news or bad news for Mitt Romney. Just because something is popular on the internet doesn't mean it's popular in the real world. It could suggest a demographic difference—in age, in wealth, in hobbies—or it could wind up meaning nothing at all.