Now in its impressive seventh year running, the PDX Browncoats are tonight presenting Joss Whedon's Serenity, the feature length spin-off of Firefly. On the off chance you've never actually seen Serenity, it's (and diehards may disagree) even better than Firefly, but this coming Sunday at the Bagdad you'll get a taste of both. They're screening the episode "Out of Gas" along with the film to sweeten the deal on a film that is already pretty fucking sweet:

Oh man, re-watching the final, epic ass-kicking scene needs no excuse, but just to make things even better, the whole event—which also includes a set from geeks/rockers The Doubleclicks for those who buy their tickets before the day of—is a fundraiser for Equality Now and Raphael House. Get your tickets early! Doors for pre-purchased ticket holders are at 12:30 on Sunday, 1:30 for dillydallyers.