There's a lot to cram into the next few months—swimming, camping, sailing, tanning—and even for the diehards who ride motorcycles through the cold and wet, there are long rides to be taken up into the hills and to the coast, for fun not just commuting. Even if you don't ride (I keep to the back half of the seat myself), it's hard to deny the romanticism of motorcycle culture, which has a long, sexy history in the world of film, in particular. Newish motorcycle shop/coffeehouse See See Motor Coffee Co. is hosting one of those old greats: 1971's On Any Sunday, starring Steve McQueen:

Technically you don't have to show up for the screening on a motorbike, but... it would be cooler if you did. It goes down on Thursday (June 28) at the Hollywood at 7:30 pm for a mere $5.