When I was a kid, we didn't have those fancy-pantsy summer camp programs all the kids enjoy today. We had three choices for how to spend our three months of vacation:
1) Riding bikes and throwing dirt clods.
2) Watching cartoons and buying comic books.
3) Going to Vacation Bible School.
And while going to Vacation Bible School was never my first choice, they did serve sugar cookies and Kool-Aid, and let us make a variety of "dried bean art" projects. (My dried bean rooster is still a family favorite.) I am happy to report, however, I never went to this Vacation Bible School.

via Christian Nightmares
  • via Christian Nightmares

This photo, from the always hilarious Christian Nightmares, was reportedly taken at a "Christian Vacation Bible School." Something tells me they don't make very much "dried bean art" here.