Here's the new video from the Shins, for "No Way Down" from their very fine Port of Morrow album. This clip, filmed in their practice spot/studio here in Portland (in the restored carriage house that's on frontman James Mercer's property, if I'm not mistaken), looks nearly identical to the video for "Bait and Switch," also from Morrow. But this clip for "No Way Down" is a live take—the band's playing what you're hearing, as opposed to miming to the album version. Hearing/seeing the band actually perform is always infinitely more interesting to me than any kind of artfully composed, lip-synched clip, and this performance sounds good, thick, and thumpy; the new (excellent) lineup of the band is displaying the live chops that have breathed new life into the Shins enterprise. The general Portland public can finally see this new incarnation of the Shins at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on September 26.