The theme(s) of the day? Blur, grayness, and gloom.

No more an "accused" child molester, Jerry Sandusky is a convicted child molester. The former Penn State coach was found guilty of 45 counts of sexual abuse—and now faces life in prison.

The only abortion clinic in Mississippi is about to close.

The Syrian rebellion has found more friends on the outside. Saudi Arabia is funneling guns and cash to militants locked in battle with the civilian-slaughtering government forces.

Oh, and remember that Turkish warplane shot down by Syrian troops? Turkey's president says he will do "whatever is necessary" to avenge its loss.

Good morning, Vietnam! China's military might is making its neighbors so nervous that they're actually contemplating letting Americans back onto military bases they booted us from decades ago.

China's economy, meanwhile, might be in a secret state of crisis. Utilities, businesses, and government officials are falsifying economic bellwether data—like corporate profits and electricity consumption—in hopes of conning the world into thinking things are going way better than they really are.

What am I thankful for?
I've never been pulled from a small-town Walmart by paramedics—after an hour of screaming in an empty bathroom—because my rump had been super-glued to a toilet seat.

The unrelenting buzz of an unmarked FBI building's 23 air-conditioning units has been torturing small town in Virginia for two years.

Julian Assange hopes to avoid
facing trial in Sweden on sex charges—and, eventually, extradition to the United States for WikiLeaks-related chages—by seeking asylum in Ecuador.

Newark's Cory Booker > Portland's Sam Adams.

Instead of helping make history, Charlie Hales made a cheap grab for political points with his campaign finance pledge, says the O's Steve Duin in a must-read column.