The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate wins the Egyptian presidency. Let’s see how this goes over with the military.

Turkey is flexing its military muscles. After vowing to revenge its warplane shot down by the Syrian military, Turkey is once again going after Kurdish militants in Northern Iraq.

Mexico’s former ruling party returns. After a (supposed) 12-year hiatus, the Institutional Revolutionary party (PRI) is back, and they’re running a candidate for president.

Same policy/ different results? However next week's election probably won't change the government's strategy toward the drug cartels.

Germany to Greece: "Stop being so needy, guys." Germany tells Greece to get to work.

Sticking their heads in flooded sand. In case you thought the attack on climate change science couldn't get any worse, think again.

Closer to home…

Growing profits. Medical pot is becoming big business in Oregon.

In the category “Information wants to be free, but the US government doesn’t like that,” we have two stories:

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wants to stop the extradition to the US of a UK student charged with copyright infringement. The student, Richard O'Dwyer, faces up to ten years in US prison for founding the website

WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning goes to pretrial tomorrow. Meanwhile, Manning's lawyer continues to accuse the US Government of keeping essential documents from the defense.

And knock offs abound continuing to fool the less-than vigilant movie renter.

Pass the popcorn and the Baudrillard and check out this ersatz version of Pixar’s Brave.