This is not a blog post about the quality of the television show Portlandia. This is a blog post about how said television show is looking for extras for Season 3. This information is of interest to our readership.

Portlandia is the Independent Film Channel’s comedy series that lovingly illustrates the people and values of Portland, Oregon. We’ve got Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as our leads and lots of great guest stars like Kyle MacLachlan, Aubrey Plaza and others.

We’ll be shooting in Portland’s streets, cafes, hiking trails, backyard sustainable organic farms and basement rock venues. Something you might not have noticed about these places is that they’re full of people — in the show, these people are going to be you.

And we’re going to pay you $70 a day to be you in these places! You’ll be rich!

For more info on extra-ing, and to submit your photo and info for consideration, go here.