(L-R): Berkstein, Gnorski; Morgan, Pecknold; Hooker, Knapp
  • May Barruel
  • (L-R): Berkstein, Gnorski; Morgan, Pecknold; Hooker, Knapp

The Hollywood Theatre and Nationale are bringing the Sound & Vision Festival to the Hollywood with three nights of music and film, banded together with a good amount of concepting. Each night of the program sounds intriguing, but the opening night (Thursday, July 26) is centered around the songwriter who can never die: Leonard Cohen. (Seriously, that guy is 150 years old, and in 2010 he played the longest show I've ever seen by anybody.) Sound + Vision will be screening New Skin for the Old Ceremony, a collection of 11 short movies based around Cohen's 1974 album of the same name. Then six local musicians will pair off into three separate groups and take turns performing Klassik Kohen Kovers™. Tackling Lenny's songbook are: Neal Morgan and Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes; Katie Bernstein and John Gnorski (both of Houndstooth); and Davis Hooker and Laurel Knapp.

Take a look at the full lineup for the three-night program:

Thursday, July 26
Darin Klein and Lorca Cohen's re-imagining of Leonard Cohen's New Skin For the Old Ceremony by stellar artist filmmakers, paired with live Cohen covers by Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes), Neal Morgan, Katie Bernstein (Houndstooth, The Hunnies), John Gnorski (Houndstooth, Inside Voices), Laurel Knapp (Privacy), Davis Hooker (A John Henry Memorial, ...Worms)

Friday, July 27
Rachel Blumberg (The Decemberists, Norfolk and Western, M. Ward) and Sean Pecknold present a selection of short animated films, with a live improvised score by Blumberg and co.

Saturday, July 28
Claire L. Evans (Yacht) presents Beautiful Information, a series of atmospheric science films with live scores by Jeffrey Jerusalem (Yacht) and Golden Retriever.

This all goes down at the Hollywood Theatre. Tickets are $8 per night or $15 for all three nights.