Last night, Oreo published a photo of a rainbow Oreo on their Facebook wall to celebrate gay pride. Even though the cream filling in Oreos is basically just Crisco mixed up with some corn syrup, the rainbow Oreo sure did look delicious. Who could hate a delicious rainbow Oreo?

Lots of assholes, turns out. Buzzfeed has created a compilation post of Facebook bigots who are now calling for boycotts of Oreo for their support of pride. It's an incredibly depressing post which you should only visit if you are currently secure in your happiness. If you like to laugh at ignorant jackasses, though, it's a treasure trove. And it's getting easier to laugh at schmucks like this, now that history is leaning toward acceptance of gay marriage. These assholes are looking more and more like objects in the rear view mirror; their hate seems bigger than it really is, but it'll be a memory soon enough. I'm sure if there was a Facebook in the 1950s, bigots would be on Oreo's page lamenting the fact that their cookies promote godless interracial love.

Can you imagine if these bigots actually boycotted every business that supported gay rights? Some of the companies that have inspired cries of boycott in the past for their support of gay rights include Starbucks, Google, Levi's, Microsoft, Nike, and now Nabisco. It's kind of hard to picture a United States of America without those companies, isn't it?