Egyptian Army Can't Arrest Civilians for the Hell of It: An Egyptian court ruling gives backing to people protesting the military's power.

Chilling Chi-Town: Murders in Chicago are up 38 percent this year—police say the killings are mostly related to gang violence.


Will Arizona's Immigration Law Spread to Other States? Based on yesterday's Supreme Court ruling, probably not. The justices invited groups to bring racial-profiling lawsuits against the measure.

Model Minority: Asian-American groups grumble about a new study that paints the country's fastest-growing minority as happier and better educated than other Americans.

Healthy Eats! The largest McDonald's in the world is opening at... the Olympics!

Erasing History: Jerry Sandusky's image is removed from a mural at Penn State and replaced with the picture of a domestic abuse victims' advocate.

News Corp Break Up! Murdoch's troubled company is considering splitting in two.

Remember When Your Parents Didn't Know Anything About the Internet? Well now parents are increasingly keeping track of their kids online.

We're Rich, I Tell You! Travel website Orbitz steers Mac users to pricier hotels.

Sorry, Lonely Turtle: The last Galapagos Pinta tortoise of his kind, Lonesome George is dead.

File Under "Crazy": Fundamentalist Christians are touting the Loch Ness monster as proof of Creationism.

I Love People With Too Much Time on Their Hands: As long as they do awesome things like make Van Gogh's "Starry Night" out of dominoes: