Here's the comely new video for Sean Flinn and the Royal We's "Patient Heart," from their Write Me a Novel album. As pretty as this video looks on the surface, there is a deep dark underbelly in the creepy story writer/director Tucker Wysong tells.

In it, a mustachioed loner (played by Woody Buxton) discovers a mechanical owl (played by Bubo from Clash of the Titans) inside an empty cement building. He then transplants the owl's gummi heart and puts it into his homemade sex-robot lady, who comes to life and presumably rocks his world with owl sex. Creepy!

It's also a striking clip, beautifully shot and mysterious, and a fine match for Flinn & Co's song—an initially gentle tune that bears a continual undercurrent of tension. Sean Flinn and the Royal We (probably without Bubo and his gummi heart, although you never know) have some upcoming West Coast shows and will play a hometown set at PDX Pop Now! on July 22.