You can hear the entirety of Faustian Echoes, the new EP from Portland dark metallurgists Agalloch, just by clicking play on this handy Bandcamp widget. The band is streaming the thing in full—a single 21-and-a-half-minute track—before embarking on their summer tour. It can be grabbed as a download on July 11 as well, but if you like pretty things to take home, you'll need to go see Agalloch in person to grab it on CD or vinyl, or wait until after their tour, which takes them across the country through August.

A bit more about the EP:

"Faustian Echoes” is a single, two-part song based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s epic masterpiece Faust. Reaching over 20 minutes, “Faustian Echoes” is the longest song Agalloch have ever written. Recorded mostly live at Portland’s Jackpot Studio by Billy Anderson (Melvins, Sleep, Neurosis), mixed by Anderson and later mastered by Justin Weis (Ludicra, Hammers Of Misfortune, Worm Ouroboros) at Trakworx, “Faustian Echoes” continues and expands on Agalloch’s dark, brooding, and colossal sound.
You can get your hands on the physical copy when Agalloch plays Branx on Wednesday, July 11. Their Bandcamp page is here.