The new Corin Tucker Band album turned up in the Mercury mailbag yesterday, and lo and behold, it looks like the first advance track is being premiered this morning on Pitchfork. (Oddly, they've chosen to couple their post with their entirely unrelated animated video of Carrie Brownstein, Tucker's old Sleater-Kinney bandmate, telling a story about afterparties.)


Corin Tucker Band - "Groundhog Day"

No matter. Here is the opening track from CTB's sophomore album, Kill My Blues. It's called "Groundhog Day," and it's pairs a tightly wound, arpeggiated verse with a zooming, clattering chorus, picking up some "Born to Run"/"I Will Follow"-style glockenspiel along the way. It's immediately likeable—and should rightly become the perennial holiday jam every February 2—as is the rest of Kill My Blues. Start getting stoked for September 18, when it comes out on Kill Rock Stars. The Corin Tucker Band has some East Coast dates scheduled for September; we'll keep you posted on a local release show.