As repeatedly mentioned, there is currently a two-month moratorium on all "I hate bicyclists, and wish they would get leukemia and DIE!!" posts on the I, Anonymous Blog. HOWEVER. Maybe not everyone has seen that announcement, therefore I gave today's anonymous submitter a break, and published his/her post—with a little revising from yours truly. Here's a quote from the revised version:

Have you no descent bone in your self righteous body? As my Mom was leaving work, and headed to the MAX stop at NE 7th, You decided it would be quicker to ride your hoppity ball on the busy sidewalk, than it would be to ride in a designated hoppity ball lane, OR IN THE STREET.

To find out what happened, read the rest here, and remember: MORATORIUM! TWO MONTHS! I'M SERIOUS, PEOPLE! Got a non-bicycle related gripe or confession you'd like to share? If it's not about bikes, I won't mess with it, promise! SUBMIT YOURS HERE.