• Hilarious Matt Bors
The Supreme Court is slated to release their decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act tomorrow, which has most people I know terrified.

As reported last week, an estimated 34,532 Oregonians under 26 have been able to get onto their parents' healthcare plans thanks to the act's immediately implemented provisions. If the Supreme Court rules the law unconstitutional, that undisputed progress could be lost.

I'm lucky enough to have private healthcare these days through the Mercury (thanks!) but when I first moved to town, I was both broke and uninsured. More than once, I went to the free clinic at Outside In and I was always astounded at the diversity of people hard up for healthcare—their waiting room was always full of people across the age spectrum, not just twentysomethings like me. Living without healthcare feels like playing Russian Roulette—I just sort of hoped that nothing would ever pull the trigger and leave me thousands of dollars in debt. Even with healthcare now, I feel this creeping doom that some day my appendix will explode, I'll get hit by a car, or I'll develop cancer and wham! become one of the 60 percent of American bankruptcies stemming from medical costs. My fingers are crossed that the Supreme Court will uphold the law and that we can get some more comprehensive reform passed.

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