As I mentioned previously, I will be co-hosting (along with my Portland Monthly colleague and good friend Eden Dawn) the Planned Parenthood-benefiting Pink Carpet Project fashion show on August 9th at PNCA. The event has already taken place in Seattle, and the lineup of designers is a blend of Portland designers (like Elizabeth Dye, Clair Vintage Inspired, and IDOM) with their northern neighbors. The Seattle contingent—Cameron Levin, Lisa Vian Hunter, and Ilha Swimwear—is looking for Portland models, and once again the more tolerant Pacific Northwest fashion culture is looking for a relatively diverse range of female humans for the task. Most notably: No height requirement! Click over to MOD for details on how to throw your hat in the ring and help support the cause buy wearing clothes while a huge group of people stare at you—fun!

  • Ilha Swimwear