HEALTHCARE WOOOO! The Supreme Court upholds the healthcare law! Steve posted some interviews about the decision below, but Obama summed up his reaction: "Whatever the politics, today's decision was a victory for people all over the country whose lives will be more secure because of this law."

So... What Does That Mean? Matt Yglesias digs into some of the details.

CNN Reports Wrong Healthcare Verdict: Whoopsie.

Attorney General Under Fire: The House is scheduled to vote today on whether out AG, Eric Holder, should be held in contempt for the "Fast and Furious" guns operation.

Okay, Before Your Judge... read this article about Fast and Furious and who screwed it up.

News Corps is Splitting: Media mogul Robert Murdoch confirms he's splitting his phone-hacking news company in two.

Fire!! The giant wildfire in Colorado spread overnight, leading to 32,000 evacuations.

Oh Yeah, About That $9 Billion: Banking company JP Morgan has lost about $9 billion in a bad trade.

Composting, Fuck Yeah! The New York Times takes a gander at Portland's new slightly smelly, trash reducing compost plan.

Yay! Salmon! The Northwest has record runs of salmon returning.

London's 10-Story Banksy Mural: Yeah, it's a megaphone.