In case you haven't heard, the US Supreme Court has ruled to uphold the entirety of Obama's "Affordable Care Act"—which the Republicans sneeringly call "Obama Care," but which I think is a pretty good name too. If they want him to look bad, they should call it "Obama EVIL" and be done with it. Anyway, THIS IS GREAT NEWS for most of our readers, and good/news bad news for the Obama administration who's probably going to have some trouble with the Supremes labeling the mandate as "a tax"—because that's not how the President sold it to the American public back in 2009... (See 3:45)… in which I believe the quote is "absolutely not a tax."

And right on cue, here Sarah Palin's screeching response:


Hey everybody, she's still alive! Regardless, while the GOP will certainly make some hay out of the President's quote, Mittens Romney doesn't exactly have a leg to stand on, does he? (Since "Obama Evil Care" was based on Romney's own health care plan back in Massachusetts.) That's why he strapped on two prosthetic legs to make this speech a few minutes ago.

The way the Democrats play this in the next few days is going to play a big role in what goes down in November.