Mark Halperin at The Page has a transcript and an audio clip from today's Rush Limbaugh show:

All I know is that we were defrauded in front of our eyes, wide open. We were taunted, frauded, defrauded, mocked, laughed at...What he did, he stretched the limits to avoid being accused of activism. In the process, he became more activist than any justice in recent memory.”

I love this. I love watching Republicans turn on their own, because it inevitably results in the smartest, most reasonable Republicans fleeing their own party. The crazier they get, the more decent conservatives they'll turn away.

And it's scaring away independents, too. The thing about the Republican response yesterday is that prominent Republicans keps saying things like "freedom died today" or "this is the end of America." And normal Americans hear this and they notice that America isn't dead, and that nothing fundamental has changed, and they start to tune out the people who keep making nonsense statements about the end times. This teabagger thing is an infection in the party, and Republicans aren't doing anything to treat it. Yesterday, the infection moved into a new stage—I think of it as Teabagger 2.0—and I think this could have serious repercussions for them in the fall unless they manage to curb some of their hysteria.