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Another week, another Mercury music section to dab your weeping eyes with as you read this bizarre account of how two neo-Nazi girls from California—who performed as the white supremacist folk act Prussian Blue—started smoking weed and subsequently gave up Hitler. Yay? Everything about this story will make you feel weird.

Mike Scheidt of doom metal band YOB watched Scott Kelly of Neurosis perform solo and acoustic. It blew his mind. So now he's trying it.

Mike Scheidt - "In Your Light"

The Stepkids make psychedelic funk-soul from Connecticut, well known as the unfunkiest state in the union. That means Connecticut's reigning funk-soul performer, Dr. Funks-a-Lot of Westport, Connecticut, had better move on over.

The Stepkids - "Legend in My Own Mind"

Killer Mike makes smart, hard, political gangster rap with no room for talk of rich-people problems. And somehow makes it fun.

Killer Mike - "Big Beast"

Delicate Steve's kaleidoscopic, swirling guitar is a trip up to the heavens. Well, a trip, at least.

Delicate Steve - "Two Lovers"

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