Trashing Timbuktu. The Islamist extremist group Ansar Dine has been smashing ancient shrines in the Mali town of Timbuktu. But that’s okay, god told them to.

Since last year’s meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant, most Japanese citizens now oppose nuclear power. Regardless, earlier today, the Japanese government turned on the first reactor since last year’s disaster. There were protests.

You’re Out!!! The UN is now officially saying it wants Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gone.

Meanwhile,Turkey continues to fight with Syria over airspace on their border.

Dead Painter of Light™ ‘s wife and girlfriend both want his money. Remember Thomas Kinkade, the artist painter whose works depicting cute cottages have brought many an inoffensive something special to many a stale middle class living room? Apparently he had both a wife and a girlfriend, and both want a piece of his $60million-plus estate.

Powerless. About 2 million people are expected to be without electricity following the massive storms that claimed the lives of at least 13 people.

Earlier today, Hong Kong residents protested their new overlord chief executive, who many call the "wolf," as in the kind that wears sheep's clothing.

La Breathalyser. In an attempt to keep the French people, from being, the lovable, carefree winos the rest of the world suspects they really are, the French government is now requiring French motorists (moped drivers excluded) carry breathalyzers in their vehicles. Apparently the country best known for its wine has a weeee little problem with drunk driving.

Droning on, and on. Makers of military drones want the US government to lift the restrictions on selling the unmanned vehicles overseas. Wow, what a great idea! Speaking of drones.

And China has "hired" hundreds of North Korean guest workers. The workers’ wages will not go to the workers themselves—that would be silly—but to the North Korean regime. This is not, however even one of the stranger things North Korea has done to raise money.

And just for kicks, let's watch North Koreans go shopping for the first time.