I cannot figure out why I would possibly need a pillow that has a hood on it, but it seems comforting.


The makers of the HoodiePillow™ claim it's good for "neck support or back support" and that one should use it to "Reduce light and sound" and "Find your Happy Place"; not only do I have some fairly major issues with these peoples' repeated use of obnoxious capitalization, but c'mon, that is pretty obvious some bullshit. A better tactic might be to just say, "Hey, we got bored and we sewed a hood onto a pillow, you should like that, you like all sorts of dumb stuff, here, buy one for fun," and it would sell just as well. Or just as poorly, as the case may be. I am not privy to HoodiePillow™ sales numbers.

Anyway I'd like one and I am not sure why. The gray one please. Also it'd be cool if it had a kangaroo pocket on the other side of the pillow so you could keep things in it! Like your tooth when you lose your tooth so the Tooth Fairy could find it! Or condoms.

Via Gizmodo.