Donut-o-rama has gone through a couple phases, as apparent to my peripheral vision of the local food industry. I missed them completely when they showed up at SW 10th and Alder in the off-season of Cool Harry's Frozen Yogurt, occupying their space for the winter. They sold donuts, or so I heard. Now they're on the corner of SW 3rd and Ash in their own colorful cart peddling beignets, a sweet, pillowy, fried, French-style donut.

They're good. There are two kinds on the menu - the plain versions are simple, fresh, and delicate despite being twice the size of any beignet I've ever had, and pretty much perfect as they are. The other, more unique option is the creme brulee variation, which is tasty as hell. I have a bone to pick with the anatomy of the latter treat, as the cream filling (while delicious) wrecks havoc with the structure of the dough itself - it squishes the surrounding walls of the beignet, compromising the delicacy so admirable in it's unfilled counterpart. However, the bruleed top is divine. You don't realize til you try it that this crunchy, sugary texture is missing from our standard American donut and even the traditional French beignet - this is a great new thing.

Also, they torch them to order and in front of you, which is cool. They're fresher and better value for your dollar than Voodoo (a whole two blocks north) and you don't have to wait in a line longer than your great-aunt Evelyn's naps. If you're craving fried dough and burnt sugar, look no further.

UPDATE: [NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Hey, if you want to give Donut-arama a try for yourself, we have a MercPerk for that! 50 percent off your beignet? Yes, thank you!]

Live Brulee Action!

Donut-o-Rama is at the corner of SW 3rd and Ash, open from 11 am to 3 pm Monday thru Saturday.