Beefing Up: Hmm. So our government has been quietly sending "significant reinforcements" to the Persian Gulf just in case we need some fighter jets to "strike deep into the heart of Iran." Not a good sign. Not a good sign at all.

Syria Says Sorry: The rights-repressing president apologizes for shooting down a Turkish warplane but NOT for building an "archipelago" of 27 "torture centers" to systematically torture dissidents.

RIP Andy Griffith: Sad Tuesday.

Robots VS. Cyberbullies: MIT nerds create an algorithm to recognize bullying online. Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!

Tennis Sports! It's tennis sports season again! Looks like Serena Williams has a shot at dominating Wimbledon.

Zuuuuuune! Microsoft's finances are in the tank right now. This actually has nothing to do with the Zune, but with buying a flop of an ad company. I just like reminding people about the Zune as often as possible.

Romney <3s Tax Havens: Yeah, it's no surprise, but Romney has so much money he stores it overseas.

Chart Battle! Remember how Obama's PR team is really good at making charts? Romney's screws up even a Venn diagram.

Beware Grandma's Cookies: They might be full of grandma's medical marijuana, kid.

More on that Horrific Wendy's Attacker: The man charged with stabbing a kid in a Portland's Wendy's bathroom appears to be one of the most terrible people on Earth. Read all about it.

Ruh Roh: Facing its second lawsuit in as many days, the Columbia River Crossing project is now being sued by a metal fabricator who says the bridge's too-low height will hurt business.

Americans Can't Handle Art: People are upset because some portraits of Olympians aren't boring and flag-wavey enough. I think they're pretty interesting, though.