WikiDump! WikiLeaks says it plans to release millions of emails from Syria, including many from government officials.

Two Wrongs Make Lots of Money: After arguing Super PACs are bad for the country, Democrats are now using them to play catch-up to the Republican fundraising.

Our Bad. A Japanese oversight panel rules that the Fukushima meltdown was a "man made disaster" brought on by a too-sweet relationship between the government and nuclear regulator.

Pre-Olympic Crackdown: London police arrest six people in an anti-terrorism operation.

Romney Tries to Woo NAACP. I don't really see how this can end well for him.

We Can't Handle the Truth! A documentary alleging "dark forces" covered up Princess Diana's death is shelved after it couldn't get enough insurance to protect it from US libel lawsuits.

Boring But Important! The US filed a trade complaint against China for its taxes on American-made cars.

Bummer but Important! Just taking one quiet moment to examine sexism in Magic Mike.