Like Steve, I'm a fan of the cinematic stylings of Mr. Tom Cruise, a statement I always feel like I have to defend, but then I remember he's like the biggest movie star in the world, so I'm clearly hardly alone, and when he's good he's really, really good, so whatever.

Cruise's next movie is Jack Reacher, which is based on the Lee Child book One Shot—a book that my dad loves so much that when he was recommending it to me over and over at a Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City a few months back, he was not appeased until I put down my Pacifico and pulled out my phone and bought the book right that very second. Once that happened, he only told me three more times how good it was and how I had to read it immediately, and then we went back to our enchiladas. (I have not read it yet. I am a terrible son.)

ANYWAY: Child's fans shit a brick when Cruise got cast as Lee's popular protagonist, Jack Reacher; apparently Reacher should be played by someone who's giant and terrifying. I'm cool with it, because, you know, I haven't read One Shot yet, and also see above re: Cruise. What I am most assuredly NOT COOL with, however, is the fact that WERNER HERZOG—who, in some amazing embodiment of every dream I have ever had, WILL BE PLAYING A VILLAIN who will FACE OFF AGAINST TOM CRUISE—is not featured anywhere in this trailer. Other than that, this film looks like something that both my father and I would enjoy.

Since there was a horrible dearth of Herzog there, hit the jump for some excellent footage of Herzog reading "from the ancient Icelandic text, the Edda."