Ladies, gents, and everyone in between or far beyond, tonight is Portland's first-ever drag + comedy showcase.

Wait—This perfect combination of fun and funny has never been done before???
I know, right? How can this be?

Apparently, we just needed the right producers to make it happen.

The magic begins tonight with GAG, 9:30p.m. at Red Cap Garage. The monthly drag/comedy showcase is presented by comedian Whitney Streed and local drag superstar Saturn. It's unclear if the event, like many others at Red Cap, will include lube wrestling or a foam party. However, the hosts do assure me there will be a whole mess of funny jokes and campy, draggy deliciousness.

For this premiere showcase, Streed and Saturn will co-host. Comedians will include Nathan Brannon (Portland's Funniest Person 2012), Anthony Lopez, Jon Washington, and Christen Manville. Drag performers are Artemis Chase, who originated the drag variety show Peep Show, and the delightful Adrienne Alexander.

"We had the idea for the show a few months back," says Streed. Streed and Saturn met while performing at Portland's Got Talent, and hit it off. Both perform in and produce shows within their own creative communities, and thought that comedy and drag would be an interesting and natural combination (and they're goddamn right). "Drag is in its roots a creative art," says Streed, "since it's essentially a parody of gender. We think the satire of drag plus the individual nature of the art is a perfect complement to stand-up."

Although drag performances are often comic, and some comedy performances can be a real drag (I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.), the two audiences don't have a lot of overlap. And, says Streed, "That's part of what is exciting about this show: we are introducing two different audiences to a kind of entertainment that they very likely do not normally see. So far, the reaction has definitely been positive."

Need more incentive? The damn thing's free. So go out and get your GAG, on, Portland. Be a part of performance history.

I dont really have a good segue or reason to print this picture of Saturn, except that its AWESOME. So there you go.
  • Horace Long Photography
  • I don't really have a good segue or reason to print this picture of Saturn, except that it's AWESOME. So there you go.