Moonshine Kitchen & Lounge has awesome drinks, one of the best vibes in town (I would/do go there with a crowd, with a date, or just with my grand old self and it's always great) and no sign. Well, they have a sign, but it's an old "Paymaster- Checkwriters and Signers" banner... it in no way advertises anything about Moonshine, but somehow fits. And they graced NW Portland exactly a year ago this Saturday, an event they'll be celebrating with "prizes, booze tastings, and specials" this Saturday, July 7 from 6 to 11 pm.

Also, a friend of mine has a habit of ordering "20 dollar fries" at this particular joint - they're just fries with every possible add-on that the kitchen has to add on, and they cost something like $18. It's one of the most impressive and white-trashy plates of food that you can get in NW Portland, and we're trying to get it on the menu. So when you go there, be it for their birthday bash or any other day of the week, order it. Please and you're welcome.

Moonshines Patchwork Style

Moonshine Kitchen & Lounge is located at 1020 NW 17th Ave.