Welcome back to Otter Friday, the only thing of any worth whatsoever on the entire internet! Otter Friday is when Alex Zielinski and I spend an entire week combing YouTube for the finest otter-related videos... and then we give them to you!

This week's Otter Friday theme is FENWAY, THE GREATEST OTTER IN THE GALAXY. All three videos star Fenway, the greatest otter in the galaxy! For real, he's the best. We researched it pretty thoroughly. I was going to be Fenway's hype man and hype him up for you guys, but he doesn't really need it. And when I asked Alex if she had anything she wanted to tell you about Fenway, she somehow squinted and rolled her eyes at the same time. "No," she said. "I think Fenway speaks for himself."

See you next Otter Friday!