Libyans hit the polls in their first election in over 40 years.

Leaving, but not saying goodbye. Trying to quell fears we are going to abandon Afghanistan to militant insurgents when we leave in 2014, the Obama Administration has declared the country a "major non-NATO ally."

Trains!!! In an attempt to catch up with the rest of the world, California has given the thumbs up to high-speed rail. But if that's too high-tech (and fast) for you…

In downtown Portland next week, Union Pacific Railroad will celebrate its 150th anniversary, with lots of slow-speed rail stuff.

In sports news, Serena Williams has won Wimbledon for the fifth time.

Iran has found a way to get around those pesky sanctions. The country plans to use a private group to sell oil to Europe. Looks like they might keep that nuclear project after all.

False positive much? Air samplers designed to detect biological attacks aren't working that well.

Violence in Syria continues to spill over its border, this time into Lebanon.

That heat wave continues to cook the US Midwest and East Coast. And tens of thousands of poor sweltering bastards are still without power.

While the UK is being hit by a deluge of torrential rain causing sporadic floods.

It's also flooding in Russia. About 99 people are reported to have died.

I hope you like antibiotics in your food, because they aren’t going anywhere.

And in case you missed it. Yesterday, a member of Jordan's parliament pulled a gun on an activist during a debate. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. IT’S AWESOME TV!