A few years ago, the guys behind the web comic Penny Arcade came up with Lookouts—a too-short comic about a bunch of kids in an organization somewhat like the Boy Scouts... if the Boy Scouts weren't creepy, and also if the Boy Scouts lived in Middle-earth. It was great—gorgeous and original and intriguing—but there hasn't been much Lookouts-related stuff since.

So one of the unexpected highlights of my weekend was stumbling onto the first issue of a new, ongoing Lookouts comic series. It's written by Ben McCool, with art by Robb Mommaerts and Mike Norton, and boasts some phenomenal colors by Rainer Petter. It's a fun, promising first issue, and—unlike entirely too many digital comics—it's priced at a reasonable 99 cents. A print version's due out at the end of August, but if the digital edition's price point stays where it is—and if upcoming issues continue to come out digitally so far ahead of their printed counterparts—I don't see much reason to wait.