Guys, just take a minute to think what a great son/daughter you would be if you'd purchased Cheryl Strayed's memoir Wild for your mom BEFORE it became the first pick in Oprah's new digital book club? Your mom would've thought you were soooo cool. You should probably pay more attention to Mercury book reviews.

Strayed is interviewed over at the Rumpus today for their "Conversations with Writers Braver than Me" series; she talks about anonymity, honesty in memoir writing, her grief over the death of her mother, and plenty more. Strayed's got a big event at the Bagdad tomorrow, celebrating the release of her new book Tiny Beautiful Things, which collects advice columns she wrote for the Rumpus under the pseudonym "Dear Sugar." Joining her will be the original Dear Sugar, Steve Almond, as well as Stephen Elliott, Laura Gibson, Courtenay Hameister, and more. As of now, tickets are still available.