Egyptian Power Struggle: The military told the Egyptian Parliament not to meet but, hoo boy, are they ever meeting—right before quickly dissolving their banned session.

Contraception Saves Lives. Condoms and birth control are political issues here, but new research shows a simple fact: The best way to reduce the deaths of women worldwide is to meet the need for contraception. If every woman who wanted birth control got it, experts say we'd cut maternal mortality rates by a third. Pro-life, pro-birth control.

Abortion Battles! Meanwhile, in Mississippi, the state's only clinic that offers abortions is struggling to stay open.

Dirty, Dirty MacBooks: Apple's laptops and desktops strangely disappeared from an good-environmental-standards list. A mystery is afoot! Must be some meddling kids.

Speaking of Mysteries: Kim Jong Un has a "mystery woman."

What Does Noam Chomsky Think About Occupy? Hrmmmmmm? People with unread Chomsky books on their shelves want to know, so the Guardian did a big interview with him.

Hug Ends in Death: Today's terribly gossipy news is that a woman hugged an off-duty cop at a party, accidentally setting off the gun he had (loaded and ready) on his body.

The Best Congressional Edits to Wikipedia Pages: Who's erasing references to "tree-hugging liberals" and Communist-bashing?

Berets are Un-American. Why are our Olympic athletes going to dress like French schoolchildren?