I've been left fairly underwhelmed by everything I've seen from The Dark Knight Rises so far, which is odd considering that—despite some problems with both of their narratives—I liked Batman Begins and really liked The Dark Knight, and I generally—despite some problems with their narratives—like Christopher Nolan's movies. The guy's an incredible visual and tonal filmmaker, but he usually stumbles when it comes to storytelling; maybe the fact that The Dark Knight Rises is threatening to have like three hours' worth of super srs bsns plot is contributing to the fact that I'm not as stoked about Dark Knight Rises as a card-carrying dweeb should be.

HOWEVER. You know what's the most effective ad so far for The Dark Knight Rises? This thing, in which somebody mashed up audio from Nolan's The Prestige with footage from Nolan's Batman flicks. Granted, I quite like The Prestige, more so than most Nolan stuff actually, at least in part because David Bowie as Nikola Tesla, but still: Take that out of the equation, pretend Michael Caine's voiceover is coming from Alfred, and this trailer's about 10 times more badass than anything Warner Bros. has put out.

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