After enduring a pretty rough hazing, I thought the campaign against high-waisted denims, at least on women, had lost its fight. But apparently, at least in the minds of some, arguments are still percolating, as in this I, Anonymous that rolled in just yesterday:

WTFuck is up with the hipster mom jeans? I'm sorry but just because they fit snug and taper at the ankles doesn't mean they aren't mom jeans. Hasn't everyone seen the SNL skit? Here's a little reminder: "For this Mother's Day, don't give Mom that bottle of perfume. Give her something that says, 'I'm not a woman anymore. I'm a mom!" You'd think the legions of Gresham daytime-soaps watchers with their pink blouses tucked into their "high-waist" jeans would have consigned this denim trend to the dustbin of bad fashion ideas. But no. The likes of American Apparel seem hellbent on resurrecting the absolute worst of the 80s, this time with a twist: you can be childless and still look like you've completely given up on a sex life.

That argument is straight outta 2007. But maybe the shock of the initial otherness of high-waisted denim really hasn't worn off, despite the leg lengthening, waist whittling virtues women seek it out for. Certainly, like anything, it doesn't work on everyone, and arguably should be approached with more of an eye to the '70s than the '80s, but if public outcry hasn't scared it off shelves by now, it will probably continue to persevere for the time being.

Whats not to like?