According to most national polling data, President Obama's "Affordable Care Act"—AKA ObamaCare to those on the right—is just a few points shy of being in a dead heat with those that oppose it, according to Real Clear Politics. HOWEVER! The all-important "gear shifter knob enthusiast" vote was completely ignored in this roundup. Thanks then to the American Shifter Co.—who sells hundreds of custom-made gearshift knobs, including this one of dead Osama bin Laden) who sent me no less than five emails asking for my vote in their online "Do You Support Obamacare?" poll.

As a bit of a knob enthusiast myself—though not the same kind of knobs they're talking about—I took the poll. Because OF COURSE I want to know what the knob demographic was thinking! However, the results of that poll? MAY SURPRISE YOU.


As you can see from the above graphic and accompanying comments, knob lovers overwhelmingly despise this legislation. And while these knob fondlers may only represent perhaps ten percent of the population, we can only assume that "stick handlers" (sticks are attached to knobs) are in agreement.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT KNOB ENTHUSIASTS DICTATING NATIONAL POLICY? Let's take a far more scientific and reliable Blogtown poll.