Today there's a couple of people right-wingin' it over on the I, Anonymous Blog—like this guy, who is totally threatening to MOVE AWAY if we liberal fucktards don't start shapin' up! That's right... tell us off, right wing guy!

This is my home, no matter how much selfish, inconsiderate zealots have fucked it up for people like me. To the liberals out there: piss or get the fuck off the pot. Just because you CAN fuck things up for a city doesn't mean you should. Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they can run a fucking city. Choose better this election or lose my support forever. Don't be a fucking sheep for shepherds that are leading you off the cliff while we are tied to you. I will cut those ties in a heartbeat.

OH NO! Guys! What are we gonna do if this guy leaves town? Who are we gonna borrow a 4X4 Toyota Tundra from when it's time to move? Who's gonna walk around town in Dockers with one of those Bluetooths fucking his ear? Who's gonna cower in the corner of his Beaverton apartment clutching his guns and awaiting the inevitable arrival of Detroit-style murderers... who are EVERYWHERE in Portland? And who's gonna hate the gays, but pretend to like the gays? DON'T LET THIS PERSON MOVE!!! Jump over to the comments on his post, and ask... nay, BEG him to stay, which I think is what he really wants. Oh, and read the other I, Anonymous stuff too, if you want. Like I give a shit.