Penn State Failed. That's the big, unavoidable conclusion from a new report on the university's involvement in Sandusky's assaults.

How Much Does Racism Cost You? In the case of Wells Fargo, which is settling claims that its outside brokers discriminated against black and Latino borrowers, about $175 million.

Taliban Kills Villagers in Pakistan: The Taliban is apparently kidnapping dozens of people in Pakistan and shot 10 people yesterday.

Iraq Employs Beaming Visage of Katie Couric: Iraqi officials slapped Katie Couric's face (without getting her permission) on a bunch of billboards promising better delivery of electricity. Choice quote: "'It doesn’t give me hope about electricity, but I like to see her beautiful face,' says Habib Harbi, who sells watermelon."

Do You Still Yahoo? Maybe you shouldn't, because thousands of their passwords were just hacked.

LESBIAN SUPERPAC! Watch out, here they come.

Abortions: Okay For Now. Maybe. Mississippi's one abortion clinic gets to stay open—for now.

So, How's Comic-Con Doing? The NYTimes says the big presenters at San Diego's megafest are just sleepily going through the motions.

Ads on Tumblr? Will the social media site sell out?

Meth Busters: Portland Police help on a federal raid of alleged meth dealers in the heart of Old Town.

Do Skinny Jeans Destroy Sperm? Just askin'.

Dog Thief! What do you do if someone straight up steals your dog? And renames it Bear? And refuses to give it back to you?