In this week's paper, I interviewed Alyson Clair of Clair Vintage Inspired about the fifth anniversary of her line, which is being celebrated tonight with a big party at the Fez. We see a lot of shops celebrating benchmarks like this, but it's good to see someone without a brick 'n' mortar throwing down for the occasion, too—especially someone who so well represents values like maintaining local production and the accommodation of a wide variety of body types. Says Clair:

I decided to do what I did when I was in college and would get kicked out of the sewing lab at midnight: Dust the thread off my dress and go dancing. DJ Gregarious is the DJ at the Fez on Friday nights, and my favorite way to relax is to dance it out. The party will have a photo booth by Sarah Giffrow, and I have gone a tad overboard on hats, masks, props, and mini-confetti cannons. I'm asking guests to wear their favorite dress, and come party! It's kind of my way of celebrating a major milestone, and a huge public thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.

The party starts at 9 (you can avoid the $5 cover by showing up before 10 and dropping the code word "mongoose"). In the meantime you can read the whole interview here.