Besides being a home for the most "ignorant, misogynist, uneducated and petty group of whiners"—even worse than 4chan!!!—the I, Anonymous Blog is also a home for people with very hurt feelings. Observe:

You asked me to be your girlfriend and started making future plans with me. I cut my hair for you. I screwed other guys for you. I waited for you. I was patient with you. Now I play all the moments back in my head when you didn't return calls and canceled on dates. Because now I have been waiting a week to hear from you after telling me you needed a couple days to clear your head because you were so depressed. Well fuck you.

Girl, what you got there is a triflin', no good piece of trash—and if he don't show you respect? You show him the door! (This message brought to you by En Vogue.) Hey ignorant, misogynist, uneducated and petty whiner people! DID SOMEONE HURT YOUR FEELINGS? Tell us all about it on the I, Anonymous Blog—where we give to the needy... not the greedy. (Uh-huh, that's right.)