Watching the Investors. The Justice Department is building possible criminal cases against those interest rate fixers including—you guessed it—the good folks at Barclays.

You Can't Keep a Good Mogul Down. Silvio Berlusconi will be running for Italian Prime Minister again. No, really. The media mogul will run again, and this despite all that sex scandal stuff that forced him out last year.

India is living up to its reputation as the worst G20 country for women after video of 12 men raping a teenage girl in broad daylight appeared on Indian TV.

Syrian leaders are calling the UN liars for telling the truth.

An AIDS vaccine is on its way. Following a successful 2009 clinical trial in Thailand, it looks like an AIDS vaccine might finally be within reach.

The African Union is planning a very brave move, sending troops to the war torn Democratic Republic of Congo.

Beatle and Boss Silenced. Last night, promoters pulled the plug on a joint concert by Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney after their concert ran long and conflicted with London's noise curfew.

French Far Right Says We're Not That Right. Madonna has been touring France showing video of the French National Front's leader with a swastika on his forehead. The far right group doesn't like the comparison with the notorious far far right group and plans on suing the singer.

Poland Hit by Tornados. Say what?

Self-Immolator Lives. After setting himself on fire to protest the high cost of living in Israel, a man was doused with water by fellow protesters and rushed to a hospital. All I can say to that is: “WOW! THAT SUCKSSSS!!!”

And NERDS!!! Some Comic-Con highlights via Wired.