One thing there is no shortage of today? New local music videos! I've taken the liberty of lovingly copying and pasting the embed codes for a bunch of them, just for you. Let's turn your productive Monday into a lazy afternoon of bogging down your internet connection at work, hooray!

The latest from Luck-One and Dekk was actually shot mostly in Seattle, as Luck takes a tour of some of the Emerald City's finer record stores. (Cue just a tiny little bit of city envy.) While the clip is ostensibly to promote Luck and Dekk's latest, Beautiful Music Part II, it could just as well be a loving ad for secondhand vinyl. (On that note, if you need me, I've got a paycheck to burn on old Dave Mason and Mitch Miller & The Gang records. Dolla bin forever!) Luck-One has a new project with emcee Dizz, provisionally titled "Critical Mass," a preview of which was premiered to select friends at a private event this past weekend.

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The Shins have another shinny new video from this year's Port of Morrow, and it gives Colin Meloy's Wildwood a run for its money. Shot in sumptuous, never-greener Portland, it finds the edges of a fantastical adventure encroaching upon our familiar city. Director Hiro Murai tells the story of a post-apocalyptic town taken over by strange creatures—like the one seen on Morrow's album cover—casually roaming through the streets and yards, in Miyazaki-evoking fashion. The Shins play the Keller on September 26.


Here's one from Chicharones, an impressive space adventure for their song "Eggshells," form their new album Swine Flew. The production values for this one seem to be really high, even as the track tones down the Chicharones' party-ready zaniness for a more subtle sound. They'll be at the Vans Warped Tour, coming to the Rose Garden on August 5.

And one from the Fur Coats, the new local band put together by members of the Reservations. I don't know much more than that, although their ranks apparently also boast members of Of Montreal, Pwrhaus, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and Cat Stalks Bird. This video, from director Costa Gountanis, is taken from the band's forthcoming new album.

Finally, one from Cassow for "Mind Yo Bidness." It's a retelling of the classic tale of "Snitches Get Stitches"—one of Joseph Campbell's archetypal themes that can be found throughout history and mythology. The video stars a gigantic blunt, a few fly rides, and some really tasty looking barbecue. Just like Finnegans Wake!