On Friday, the new video from Portland's goldwing-iest band*, Blitzen Trapper, premiered on Rolling Stone, for their song "Girl in a Coat" from last year's American Goldwing. The song, bucking the tradition of similarly titled garbage like "Man in a Box" and "Freak on a Leash," is actually an evocative, dreamy swooner. Likewise, the video traverses through both memory and the American landscape, finding its heart in the story of a life remembered by a dying old man. It's based on the memories of the grandfather of drummer (and resident BT filmmaker) Brian Koch:

"Four years ago I interviewed my grandfather at the age of 96 to talk about his life," said Blitzen Trapper drummer Brian Koch of the inspiration behind the video, directed by Daniel Elkayam. "I was struck by how, even though so much had become blurry, confused or completely fallen away from his memory, some things remained. Just shy of his 100th birthday, Daniel Elkayam and I began to create a video from my grandfather's perspective, blurring the boundaries of time and space in memory. 'Girl in a Coat,' with its wearied narrative of retrospection, seemed the perfect match for the concept."
Blitzen Trapper play this year's Pickathon, taking place at Pendarvis Farm on August 3-5.

*sorry, Goldy and the Golden-Fried Hot Wings**, you are second
**not actually a real band