Last week, KBOO's Joe Meyer—host of the semi-regular "Police Piece" show—called me up and asked if I wanted to sit down and talk about a whole mess of issues related to the Portland Police Bureau.

I visited the station on Friday, before the latest officer-involved shooting, and we had a pretty robust discussion on subjects that ought to be very familiar to our regular readers. Among them: the police bureau's Occupy response; the Joint Terrorism Task Force; and the city's fight with the Portland Police Association over reinstating Ron Frashour.

You can hear it around 6 pm if you tune into 90.7 FM. Or you can click here and listen at your leisure. And don't forget, the Mercury also has a bit at 8:05 am, every Thursday, on KPOJ (620 AM).

All of which is to say: You may throw us in the recycling bin, but you'll never escape us.