"It Was All God's Plan" says Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman in his first televised interview. God certainly does have mysterious ways!

Condom Crackdown: Human Rights Watch reports that police in several major American cities have arrested people carrying lots of condoms, using the contraceptives as evidence that they're sex workers.

Violence Spreading in Syria: Rebels kill three of the government's top leaders, the government starts shelling residential neighborhoods, everyone's trying to flee Damascus.

Suicide Bomber Had Fake US ID: A suicide bomber who attacked an Israeli tour bus, killing six people, had fake US identification.

You Don't Like Batman? I KILL YOU! Dark Rising fans threaten the film's negative critics with death.

14-Year-Old on a Life Sentence: Greg Ousley was 14 was when he murdered his parents. Now he's smart, likable, remorseful and has nearly 40 more years of his prison sentence to serve. Should he be let out?

Chick-fil-Gay: The president of Chick-fil-A has been an opponent of gay rights forever, but it's just now causing an internet sensation.

Television! Everyone's favorite Mad Men gets a boatload of Emmy nominations.

And Now, an Informative Chart About Women of Color: How are the ladies doing, anyway?