It's not every day one of Portland's own performers gets to go rock the stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (EFF). Of course, not every Portland performer is Kristine Levine.

The stand-up comedian, mom, and porn clerk has a one-woman show, Fat Whore, that covers a lot of what we've heard in her stand-up act, and more. It's debuting at EFF, but she's doing a few free previews here before she heads out next week.

Levine's got a back story that proves real life is infinitely more fucked-up than fiction, and she makes it hilarious. She's truly one of the strongest voices in Portland comedy. If you haven't checked her out, the only person you have to blame is yourself. No, she's not G-rated. But she's got a voice you need to hear.

She'll be at EFF for a month, but she's doing two free previews of Fat Whore this weekend, tonight and Saturday. Go see a great show for free, and give her an audience so she can keep fine-tuning the show before she goes and represents.

Read more about her and her show here.

Thursday July 19 (TONIGHT!)
625 NW 21st Avenue Portland, OR 97209
Belinda Carroll opening

Saturday July 22nd
Side Door
425 SE Washington Street Portland, OR 97253
Whitney Streed opening