As Steve already mentioned earlier this morning, a gunman walked into a Colorado screening of The Dark Knight Rises and opened fire, killing 12 (so far) and injuring 50 before he was taken into custody in the parking lot. Cops are now saying the gunman's home is booby-trapped. The first identified victim is a sportswriter who just escaped a recent mass shooting in Toronto.

A bomb attack in Bulgaria targeting Israeli tourists could be a symptom of a wider "shadow war" between Israel and Iran.

Syrian loyalists have managed to push a hardy band of rebels out of parts of Damascus, a day after the insurgents managed to seize all four of the country's border crossings.

DirecTV and Viacom have kissed and made up, ending a nine-day blackout, and now you can go back to still not watching TV programs on an actual TV like it was the past or something.

Barack Obama feels the sharp sting of unrequited corporate love. Bad unemployment numbers won't make him feel much better. Neither will this poll showing him in a dead-heat with Willard Romney.

Yahoo's new CEO, ex-Google muckety-muck Marissa Mayer, will be paid a salary of $1 million—but then also collect $70 million more just because.

"Serial infector?" A former medical technician with an alleged penchant for stealing heavy hospital-grade narcotics is believed to be the creepy source of a widespread Hepatitis C outbreak.

The beach is dangerous. Because of this.

Swimming is dangerous. Because of this.

Another freeway lane? In Portland? Believe it! (Golly, what a simplistic stereotype...)
Metro wants to expand Interstate 84.